Daddy Natty's Pork Ribs:


Purchase which ever pork ribs you can afford (they are never on sale). Peel off that disgusting membrane off the back and turn it meat side up and score a diamond pattern in the meat. Cover in Daddy Natty's Bar B-Q sauce and place in a baking bag and bake at 350 (your oven may vary) until tender (about 1-1/2 hours) careful of the hot steam when you open the bag. Eat like it is or throw on a hot Bar B-Q grill for a short time to make the outside crisp. (Bar-B-Q sauce burns so watch it closely) The above recipe is also very good using pork chops (no scoring and no disgusting membrane)    "Daddy Natty" 


     Daddy Natty's hamburgers and hot dogs:


Put Daddy Natty's on hamburgers and hot dogs (pretty simple). If you really want to make the hot dogs great, score them with very small diamond patterns on two opposite sides and throw on the grill (they get crispy). One side scored when cooked makes a meat "C". "C" shaped buns are hard to find.