Daddy-Natty's Slaw:


 OK maybe I was wrong. I said in Mommy Natty's slaw not to use Daddy-Natty's, but I saw a friend the other day and he asked if I had tried Daddy-Natty's on the shredded cabbage you buy at the store. He said he likes to add toasted sesame seeds and it's much better than that sweet stuff you buy. 

               Daddy-Natty's Grilled Salmon:


Instead of lemon, try Daddy-Natty's, Alan said the citrus in the sauce really brings out the flavor.


              Daddy-Natty's Chicken Wings:


Get a bunch of chicken wings. Prepare the wings (you know, cut those little wingy tips off) and separate the pieces. Put the pieces in a baggie with flour and shake. Prepare the skillet with oil and fry the wings. After draining the chicken wings on paper towels toss them in a bowl with Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce and mix them well. They are so good you will probably eat them before they get to the table.