Daddy-Natty's Drunk Chicken:

My favorite nurse, Ann, said to take a chicken and rub Cajun seasoning under the skin and inside the bird. Rub olive oil and your favorite seasoning on the outside (like lemon pepper) take a can of  beer (Ann says 3 cans work better, if you drink 2 and 1/2 cans) using the 1/2 can of beer that is left (if you can still stand up) pour in Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce to fill the can. Stick the can up the chicken's ...., sorry, place the chicken over the beer can and stand both on a cookie sheet on medium (heat not size) bar-b-q grill. Close grill and cook till done. Use the beer  and Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce that is left in the can as a dipping sauce. "Ann"

Daddy-Natty's Chicken Fingers and Little Weenies:

For your next party: Fry or buy some chicken fingers (my dad use to raise chickens, where do they hide their fingers?) Arrange them on a platter with a bowl of Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce in the middle. You better have a bunch, they go really fast (if you don't mind, for me, please leave the bottle on the table, label facing forward). Also put a bunch of those  little cocktail weenies in a crock pot with Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce, slice them first so they pick up the Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce flavor. They will stay warm. I would also suggest you have tooth picks for your guests to use or they will burn their fingers. Did I mention leaving the bottle on the table?