Mama-Natty's Slaw:


Shred some cabbage (or if you're lazy, buy some already shredded). In a bowl add diced tomatoes, lemon juice, vegetable oil, dry mint flakes and salt and pepper to taste. (DO NOT ADD Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce). "Mama Natty"   


                          Deer Hunters: 


Marinate the meat over night in Daddy-Natty's Marinade. Tommy said it will be so tender that it will fall apart. 


               Daddy-Natty's Shish Kebab:


Chicken Breast, Pork or Beef tender loin. Cut in cubes and marinate in Daddy-Natty's Marinade for several hours. Cut onions, mushrooms, bell peppers in sizes equal to meat, also you can use cherry tomatoes. Skewer alternating meat with each item. Cook on a grill, under the broiler or on a cook top grittle. Serve over rice mixed with Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce. Warm some Daddy-Natty's Bar B-Q Sauce for dipping.