About Us

Life was good, work all day, dance all night. (me not dad). One day on the 4th of July we sold 1,200 sandwiches and 900 cold drinks and only stopped when the power went out on the beach. People loved the "sauce".


Every year after that Dad would have the family over on Christmas day, and make a Boston Butt and cook up a batch of the (whisper) "secret sauce".


When Dad no longer could carry on this tradition, I took it over. The name changed when my grand kids started asking if Daddy Natty had made his Bar-B-Que sauce.


The Tradition changed to include friends with most asking me to make them a bottle. Well, I got tired of that real quick and was persuaded to put Daddy-Natty's Bar-B-Q sauce in the market. After that things just took off. Daddy-Natty's Marinated, also based on an old family recipe was introduced in 2011.


Thanks Dad.