About Us

In 1947 When I was about 10 years old I remember my Dad having a Bar-B-Que at the house. There was great discussion about the finding of a new Bar-B-Que sauce recipe. This was all done among the men present in whispers with eyebrows raising and lowering.


I even heard comments about people dying if the recipe got out. (As best I can remember no one has of yet died from revealing the recipe).



Summer 1955, The Hangout, Panama City Beach, FL, The Bop, the beach, the surf, and a Bar-B-Que Stand. I was 17 and single.


                   Life was very, very good.


Dad opened the Bar-B-Que Stand at the west end of the historic "Hangout" dance floor. The whole place was about 8' X 15' and consisted of a refrigerator, Bar-B-Que pit, grill and a sink. We served Bar-B-Que sandwiches, Bar-B-Que hamburgers, and hot dogs. Of course everything had the secret "Bar-B-Que Sauce".